Product gives clarity to clients

Definitely, we should give buyer a complete idea of the apartment. The most relavent thing is the amount of space they are having inside the flat. This tool is shows that clearly. They can get better visualisation of the house. They can also furnish interiors to verify. It's good.

Satish Kumar
Marketing, A peace projects

Excellent tool

EmptyCup 3D software was something of that sort I'm seeing for the first time. The 3D model gave me enough idea about how I can utilize the space inside the apartment. The same helped me to explain to my interior designer how the apartment should look after furnishing.

Home buyer, Apoorva Lakeside

EmptyCup 3D is a very helpful tool.

3D models give a the customer a clear understanding. I was able to do sales even when I was travelling. It's such a simple tool to use.

Obi Reddy
Marketing Manager, Arine Developers

Helped for customisation

od product. It helped us serve the customer better. Buyers are using it to explore customisations. One of our customers, recently suggested an important structural change upfront. That helped us make it happen.

Shreedevi Sagar
Head of Sales, Govianu Properties

Over the years, social media marketing has become one of the most important methods of marketing adopted by the builders. Emptycup 3d is one such tool that helps them in this process. Builders can now visually demonstrate their apartment models through this software. They can also take it to a larger audience as the models are available over a link.

Web Developer, Digital Marketing Specialist, Sahithi Constructions, Hyderabad

More to show now

Previously, we had more to talk and less to show in prelaunch. Now it's much better. The 3D models also helped our interactions with customer abroad. All I have to do is share the links on Whatsapp. It is also easy for me to just show the models in my phone casually.

Managing Director, Shreedevi Developers, Bangalore

Sales tool

This product had a good impact on our sales. People started asking us to take them to specific apartments after viewing the 3D models on our website.

Sales Manager, Upscale Homes

Value for money

I'm extremely happy to see an interactive 3D tool like EmptyCup 3D helping out builders. Taking into accounts the amount of money spent on marketing these days, the tool is affordable and worth every penny paid for. Hope you come with models in VR and AR as well.

Web & digital marketing head, Creative Design (Vizipa)


This is very innovative to show to our customers rather than brochures. The team was very professional. They delivered timely. Helped us to start our marketing earlier than expected.

Surekha B
Team Lead of Sales & Marketing, Vmaks Builders