What is EmptyCup 3D?

World's most advanced 3D house software:

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I know walkthrough videos. How is this different?

Also, video doesn't show all the houses. In EmptyCup 3D, you can explore every unit in 3D.

How will it be useful?

Home buyers usually have a lot of questions:

EmptyCup 3D helps answer a lot of those questions.

How will it help my sales?

Better visualisation of the house for buyers.
This leads to better engagement.
Better engagement leads to easier sale.

Can you show me samples of your work?

You can find our work from our clients page.
We have worked with more than 100 builders so far.

Where can I know more about your company?

Here are a few links where you can find more about us:

We feel the best way to know about us is to explore our product. We put a lot of effort into it.

So, how do you work?

We just need floorplan images from you.

What will I get?

How long will the models be on your website?

3 years.

Can you also do exteriors?

No. Our software cannot handle exteriors yet.

Can you give us isometric images as well?

We can give you top view images in HD. But, we don't create normal isometric images.

Will you host the models on our server?

No. All models are hosted on our own servers.

What will happen if your servers go down?

Our servers are maintained by Amazon and rarely go down. But if they do, a plain image can be shown on your website as a fallback.

But, I don't have a website...

As we take care of hosting the 3D models, you don't really need a website. You can simply share the 3D link with your customers.

I want higher quality.

Quality effects the loading time. If we simply increase the quality, the model may not load on some devices.

Increasing quality without increaing load is hard and takes time. We are working on it. We will update all your models for free as soon as we have improvements.

You can see the improvement in quality since we started here.

Do you guys also do a video?

No. We can connect you with a few artists we know who do videos.

Can you add this one small extra feature?

No. We can't add features for individual projects. We will have to add it to all the projects. That's how our software works.

But if the feature is useful for everyone, we will add it to our list of feature requests and work on it based on priority.

I need a disclaimer.

There is a disclaimer on every model on the bottom right. It explains that the model is for illustration purposes only.

Does this work on mobiles?


I like the product. But my sales people don't use such tools.

We conduct a training session for your sales executives to help them start using the product. It includes:

Everything looks good. But, how can I trust you?

How will I know the product is useful?

How long do you take to finish the work?

1 week.

Some of my questions are unanswered. How can I reach you?

Please find our contact details here.