Interior design is about expression.

Ambarisha B Feb 13 2 min read

Interior design, today, is about luxury. You pay anywhere between 6L - 30L for rich looking interiors. But, we don't think interior design should be about luxury.

Every family has a particular dynamic:

Do you share early mornings or do you spend more time together in the evening? Usually, is everybody doing one thing or does everybody have something of their own going on? Do you like to work infront of the television or do you like to work privately? Do you entertain a lot of guests or do you like to spend time with just your family? A million more small choices...

Interior design is about shaping the house to our own personalities, behavioural dynamics and tastes. It is the process of creating our impression on an empty house. It becomes a medium for expressing ourselves.

The creative process:

Designing the house is a creative process. You are essentially creating something out of nothing. You take an empty house and create a home for your family. You do this by exploring yourselves. You ask small questions about how you spend time and how you interact with each other. As you dig deeper into your own personalities, the house simply becomes your reflection.

This is the nature of creative process. It can't be outsourced.

Our role:

We feel our purpose in this field is to facilitate this creative process. Here's how we can contribute to this process:

Tools for design. A composer is helpless if he doesn't have his instrument to experiment with his tunes. The sculptor is powerless without her chisel, even if she can see the sculpture hidden inside the stone. We can provide you the tools needed to experiment with and express your designs.

Execution framework. Once you conceive your design, you can leverage our execution framework to get the design executed in the physical world :)