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Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Are you looking for a more personalized experience when it comes to designing your home? The process of design should be an amalgamation of emotion and skill. EmptyCup app does exactly that, which in turn, makes it peculiar and new. 

We have taken a new approach to this world of aesthetics and emotion. It provides an innovative approach to interior designing by integrating the process to an app. 

The app is super simple and has one of the most consumer-friendly interfaces.  It is engaging and has superb visuals which are exactly what is needed if you are looking for a designing service. Our goal is to create inclusivity for customers in designing their home as we firmly believe, every home should reflect the personality of the people living in it.Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

How does the EmptyCup app work? 

The app provides an immersive step-by-step process where you are at the center of the designing process. 

  1. Open the EmptyCup app
  2. Choose rooms you want in your Home (Living room, bedroom, pooja room, kitchen, dining area, utility area, etc.)
  3. Choose the furniture (Type, Design, and Pattern) required in each room or browse from reference images or let us (designers) select the best
  4. Upload your layout sketch
  5. Choose your colour theme
  6. Submit all your requirements
  7. Once submitted our designers review the choices and design accordingly and we may even reach out to you to discuss the designs.
  8. You shall then proceed to the payment page. Once the payment is done the designs are uploaded to our App. You can then see your home in different color palettes and 3D photorealistic renders.
  9. If customers want to change their design after project completion, they can contact us and have revision (charges applicable*)

What makes us stand out from the rest? 

We believe in providing a quality and hassle-free experience to our customers in designing their dream home. Below are a few points that make us stand out from the rest, 

  • The human-first approach:  We make sure that all of the client’s needs are fulfilled as we understand the deep emotions and values attached to their home. 
  • Absolute transparency: We have multiple checkpoints to maintain 100% transparency. You can track the progress of your project in real-time. Your approval is required at every step and we make sure you are integrated into the process. 
  •  Visualization: The entire designing process has tons of visual cues to help you get comfortable with your ideas and give you an estimate of where the project is going. 
  • App-based designing: You can design your home from anywhere in the world by using the EmptyCup app. 

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